Higher Education General Assembly held on 15.11.2012 was approved the opening of the School of Applied Sciences vand the decision was sent to the Ministry of National Education. School of Applied Sciences Formally established by the Decision of the Council of Ministers, dated 11.03.2013, numbered 2013/4459.

Prof. A. İrfan Yükler was appointed as Deputy Director on 07.05.2013.In the Higher School, it was decided to open two priority departments and it was proposed to the Higher Education Council.The proposal was examined in the Council of Higher Education held on 02.10.2013 and it was decided to open the offered “Printing Technologies” and “Jewelery and Jewelery Design” departments.

Academic and physical infrastructure of the Department of Printing Technologies was created of Technical Education Faculty Printing Education Department, which was closed by the Higher Education Council. Technical Education Faculty Printing Education Departments instructors have been transferred to Printing Technology department with their staff.

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