General Informations

''School of Applied Sciences'' with four-year undergraduate education was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 11.03.2013, numbered 2013/4459. There are departments of "Printing Technology", "Jewelery and Jewelery Design", "Accounting Information Systems", "Marketing", "Business Information Management" and "International Trade and Logistics" departments. The language of instruction is Turkish.


The mission of "School of Applied Sciences"; to be able to communicate effectively, have social and cultural responsibilities, have problem-solving skills, have the ability to define, formulate and solve problems related to the profession, using the techniques, skills and modern tools necessary for the profession, have the ability to work interdisciplinary and develop projects to solve the problems and contribute to the economy of the country


It is to become a school that continuously develops itself academically, develops qualified graduates who are qualified in the fields related to the departments, educates high skill graduates, integrates with the universities in the world by making student exchanges, adopts university industry cooperation and aims to develop new technologies.


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